What’s happening with Meteor JS?


A while ago, I posted a mini-tutorial on how to use the latest Javascript platform Meteor JS to create a simple game. It’s been about a year (ish) since then, and I wanted to check in with Meteor JS again to see how it is evolving.

It turns out, time has been good to Meteor as they’ve just released 0.5.7 which brings scaling enhancements, a new DDP version and plenty of bug fixes and optimisations. The developers have also just held a DevShop, a collaboration of teams and individuals who are working hard on improving and demonstrating the power & flexibiltiy of their system.

Since the blog post, there have been dozens of brilliant tutorials and articles about Meteor JS; here are a few of my favourite:

When asked when 1.0 will be out, they simply state that it will be “more than a month, less than a year”. Even more tantilisingly, they’ve released the roadmap of where they hope to be prior, during and post-1.0 in terms of functionality; bugs and feature enhancements which add to the core funtionality of an otherwise already stable product.

Andy Girvan

Andy is a web and mobile developer who freelances for some of the worlds biggest companies on a variety of projects.


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