Charlie -

Having trained as a BSAC diver since I was 17 and have now developed my underwater and photography training, I was glad to put this to use for a good project.

Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referrals is based in Surrey and does great work for dogs of all types who require post-op hydro rehabilitation, orthopaedic and neurological recovery or just general fitness for old, young, big and small breeds.

I completed my Dog Hydrotherapy training here last year so it was great to return to see the continued progress of the work they are doing here and get in the pool again.

I have been taking Charlie with me, my next door neighbours dog [ terrier cross ] who was hit twice by a car and although no bones were broken, needed two lengthy cruciate ligament operations followed by a 10 week recovery in a cage with his cone of shame. He is now swimming twice a week and with treadmill work is building muscle and ligament strength as is almost back to his old self with the superb supervision and guidance of the staff at Greyfriars.

I will add more photos as I continue to visit the pool as we seem to meet new dogs each time we go.

Highly recommended and highly enjoyable. You can get in touch with Greyfriars hereā€¦


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