Monopoly, Bill Murray and Lockpicking: Why I love Stack Exchange

Stack Overflow is essential for me; the process of hitting a bug or issue I don’t know how to fix, Google-ing it and then finding the answer within Stack Overflow occurs more than enough times a day to count as consistent.

However, what I love most about the Stack Exchange cluster of sites – specialising in Mathematics, RPG Lore, Physics, Skeptics, Religion to name a few – are the brilliantly detailed bits of information you can find.

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I’m back! It’s a new year, so the site has been tidied up & redesigned, so it should feel more 2013 than early 2011! Hope you enjoy the redesign.

Everything is getting quicker on the Internet. The speed of which information comes up and down, the speed of communication between social networks and – more importantly to me – the speed in which development is done. Over the past few years, there have been an influx of inventive, useful and game-changing technologies introduced into the web development world and one of these I want to talk about today is LESS.

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