Break away from the freelance mould. Do what works, not what you’re told.

As a freelance web developer, I constantly feel that I have to showcase my technical skills wherever the output, most critically in my personal blog and my business site. The idea is simple — the more technical I make myself look, the more money I will make.

The problem is that this thought-process can cause hangups trying to build the perfect SEO-friendly, fastest-loading blog built on the latest technologies, or a business site built responsively for every single device on the planet.

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How I Work: Sublime Text 3 essential tricks, useful plugins and beautiful themes.


Having started out my development career with bulky editors like Dreamweaver and Frontpage – and unknowingly missing Notepad++ – I began to assume that all IDEs would and should take 5 minutes to load, crash consistently and have 10 clicks where 1 would suffice.

Enter Sublime Text 3. A light-weight development environment – though some devs would avoid using the term IDE for Sublime Text – this wonderful piece of software is loaded in an instant, flexible, theme-able and since I installed version 2 several years ago, I’ve not looked back.

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