#digitalrevolution in Barbican

2014-07-05 16.36.11

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the new Digital Revolution exhibition at the Barbican – a comprehensive collection of immersive digital art, design, music and video games and it was fantastic.

I’ve not been to a digital exhibition that captured the angles of the digital world as I know it as well as Digital Revolution. Aphex Twin blasts out from the first exhibition room whilst walls are filled with projected montages of Doom, Tomb Raider, Minecraft, The Sims, Sonic, Mario. Below the projections, vintage arcade machines are propped up and visitors can actually play original versions of Pac Man, Manic Miner and Pong.

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Monopoly, Bill Murray and Lockpicking: Why I love Stack Exchange

Stack Overflow is essential for me; the process of hitting a bug or issue I don’t know how to fix, Google-ing it and then finding the answer within Stack Overflow occurs more than enough times a day to count as consistent.

However, what I love most about the Stack Exchange cluster of sites – specialising in Mathematics, RPG Lore, Physics, Skeptics, Religion to name a few – are the brilliantly detailed bits of information you can find.

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